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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mitch Huhem found Dead at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton. Judge Martin Colin, Judge John Philips, the Boca Raton Sheriff and more have known of the dangers in the Simon Bernstein Case for years. Will they Do SOME actual investigations now or are the Florida Judges and Supreme Court too Powerful.

Breaking News: The Boca Raton Police seem to have confirmed that there was a Body found at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida. It seems to be thought of as a Suicide. So who really owned the home? Judge Martin Colin FORCED the sale, approved the Sale in the Courts. The local authorities have known the dangers in this case for years.

I, Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox just found out and confirmed that the man that lived in the home at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida has died, I believe it to me Mitch Huhem, however I don't fully believe it was a suicide, that is my personal opinion as I have been reporting on cases, alleged murder, and lot's more regarding 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton for several years.

I just heard of Mitch Huhem a week ago when someone eMailed me a tip as to him being in the Lion Head property, emailed me the warranty deed and other information on this story. I had never heard of Mitchell Huhem before that, but I have been reporting on the cases surrounding that property for many years.

Who really owns the home at 7020 Lion Head Lane Boca Raton Florida? Who actually paid for this home?  If the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. ? Why was ISL Inc. named as Signer?

Will the local police detectives dig into all the corporations and interview Leilani Ochoada, Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson of Orlando, Ted Bernstein, Alan Rose, Judge Martin Colin, Eliot Bernstein and others related to this case and property, as well as ALL connected cases?

According to the Warranty Deed, the Property is Owned by Lion Head Land Trust Inc., which is a corporation that seems to be owned by, incorporated by a Leilani Ochoada as per the document below.

Here is the Warranty Deed listing buyer as Lion Head Land Trust Inc.

Lions Head Land Trust Inc. Incorporation Record
with Florida Secretary of State, as you see ISL Inc. is named as the Registered Agent. See ISL Inc. Records below.

ISL Inc. Incorporation Information

ISL Inc. that is listed in the above Lions Head Land Trust as the Registered Agent has the same Glenway address listed that is listed for the Lions Head Land Trust Inc. However the Florida Secretary of State has a vastly different address listed and states that this corporation was DISSOLVED in December of 2014. Another words it does not exist.

So who owns the property at 7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton?

Below is the Florida SOS records on ISL Inc.

Closing Agent for Real Estate Transaction on Property
 Shannon Sammons of The Closing Agent LLC in Orlando Florida

Attorney who set up the corporations, trusts and did paperwork.
 Orlando Florida Lawyer Laurence Pino of Pino Nichollson

Who ever actually paid for the home, truly holds legal title or put the money down for this home, could be involved in a possible murder, in my opinion. So whose money really paid for the Lion Head Lane home in the St. Andrews Country Club? Is Mitch Huhem an innocent victim?

Paul Hauser, President of the St. Andrews Country Club seemed to approve membership but who did he think he was approving for membership of the St. Andrews Club Member? Do they check ownership of a property before they accept members?

New Members Mitchel and Deborah Huhem Welcomed at St. Andrews Country Club

The authorities need to get ALL closing documents, bank transfers, checks, Judge Martin Colin's order approving the sale of the home and ALL other related documents to the closing at 7020 Lion Head Lane and the Simon Bernstein Estate Case.

Judge Martin Colin Orders the Laws to Be Broke and Forces the Sale

Scroll down through these posts for more on this

So was Mitch Huhem caught up with the wrong people, knew to much and was murdered by someone connected to the Simon Bernstein Case? Or was Mitch Huhem massively distraught over what he had done and this really was a suicide? Will the authorities ever really know?

So far the Florida Judges, Police, Sheriff, Supreme Court, FBI, Department of Justice and more that have KNOWN for years have not followed up on this massive tangled web.

Was Mitch Huhem a Victim or a Bad Guy who knew he was caught ? 

Mitch Huhem's Estate and Family should SUE the Police, Judges, Attorneys and ALL involved in the Simon Bernstein Case in which led to this situation, just my opinion on that of course.

How many people have to die under suspicious circumstances at 7020 Lion Head Lane in Boca Raton Florida before the Department of Justice or the FBI steps in and does ANYTHING. The Simon Bernstein Estate Case is riddled with massive corruption, alleged murder, insurance fraud, dead guys signing documents

ONE Local News Links

Where is the Bigger Media on all this?

Why is the Simon Bernstein Estate Case not front page news in Florida or even in Illinois for that matters. I have been reporting on this story for years.

Where are the Authorities, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Judges in all this? Why are they not protecting Florida Citizens and Investigating this Stuff?

The Palm Cunty Sheriff never did seem to take all this serious

More Research Links on Judge Martin Colin Forcing the Sale of 7020 Lion Head Lane.

7020 Lions Head Lane Boca Raton; Judge Martin Colin has BANNED Real Estate Disclosure.
Judge Martin Colin has banned Eliot Bernstein from DISCLOSING to Real Estate Buyers, as a matter of law, that 7020 Lions Head Lane, Boca Raton Florida is involved in several multi-million dollar legal actions.

When the buyers find out in the future and sue, Eliot Bernstein or his children will be financially liable, he is abiding by the law and blocked by Judge Martin Colin.

Click the Link Below for More

Sheriff's Report Below, Bernstein Case

Florida Probate Attorney Donald Tescher 
(Protected by Judge Martin Colin), 
Excerpt from deposition testimony.

Judge Martin Colin SHOULD have froze assets until there was clear title, he did NOT.
Here is the DENIAL TO Freeze assets

Why did Judge Martin Colin NOT arrest all these guys when he first knew they were lying and were signing the signatures of dead guys on multi-million dollar estates.

For More on Florida Judge, Judge Martin Colin and the whole Miranda's Rights thing and KNOWING of crimes happening in his courtroom and doing NOTHING to protect the public from these attorneys who he clearly knows are breaking the LAW. Click Below

Besides Mitch Huhem and Simon Bernstein, there are others who have died during this case under suspicious circumstances. 
Take a Look at the Obituary Below. This seemingly young man, Benjamin Brown Dies of, well I am not sure what. But I do know that Proskauer Rose attorneys who know to much seem to have heart attacks. And I do believe those covering up Billions in fraud, corruption and technology theft in the iViewit stolen technology case have committed murder in the past and are capable of such now. More on iViewit -
Here is the Ben Brown Obituary
He seemed like a decent man, Rest in Peace Ben Brown.
Benjamin Brown Links to Previous Posts, I believe he was a good attorney who tried to stand up to the bad ones and expose them and I believe he lost his life because of it.

Oh and it looks like another attorney in the case has died as well, hmmm.

Looks like Florida Probate, Real Estate and Estate Courts are running amok and dangerously so.  I hope that Judge John Robert Blakey of Illinois sees what is going on in the Florida insurance case connected to this matter and DOES SOMETHING to protect the public from these monsters in the Florida Judicial System.

More on the District of Illinois Case 

Recent Motion for Injunction filed in District of Illinois 

Memorandum of Law filed with the Above in District of Illinois 
Honorable Judge John Robert Blakey

More Research

Judge John Robert Blakey, Alan Rose, Ted Bernstein, Florida Estate Case

There is lot's more information at Just use the small search box in the upper left to search the site for what your looking for, there is years of documents, court information and more. 
If you have a tip or any information on any parties to this story, please eMail me at 

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